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Second Chance - Chapter 17
Chapter 17

UPDATE 27/12/3 - Read comments section to find out what's new.

Cloud stepped out of the floo network and into the entrance floor of the Ministry of Magic, his sword strapped to his back, and Zack’s sword held in one hand. After the commotion caused by Aerith and Cid crash landing two days ago, Cid had overseen the clean up as older students and teachers assisted the mechanic in transferring the wrecked Gummy Ship into an abandoned shed on the edge of Hogwarts grounds.
Cloud had retrieved their gear and Zack’s sword just before they moved the main bulk of the ship out of the castle. The sword had then sat on the wall in his and Leon’s shared bedroom all day yesterday, while Cloud debated the best time to give the Buster sword to his best friend. Zack was back at work today, so he figured now would be a good time.
Having left and talked to the Headmistress, Cloud travelled by Floo to the Ministry of Magic, both of
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Second Chance - Chapter 16
Chapter 16
Sora watched from on top of a hill as the ring of metal against metal echoed around the grounds. Students cheered loudly at the sounds and sat around the grounds watching the sparring match happening below, the girls giggling to one another at the strength and drive shown by each individual. As Sora watched Leon and Cloud cross blades, the boys around them cheered the two fighters on, crying out in surprise as Leon threw a log towards Cloud, who flipped over the wood block as he charged towards his opponent.
"Are they always like this?" Rose asked in distaste, her nose wrinkling as Leon managed to catch Cloud on his shoulder hard enough to draw blood. Cloud barely even flinched.
"How did he not feel that?" Scorpius asked with a wince. "That looked like it hurt."
"When they spar? Yes. Otherwise they're pretty okay together. It’s just training. There are no angry feelings. When there is, boy is there blood. And Cloud has some sort of chemical infused into his body. I don
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Mature content
Second Chance - Chapter 15 :iconvexeniv:VexenIV 0 0
Mature content
Second Chance - Ch 14 :iconvexeniv:VexenIV 1 0
A Traditional Game
In the Castle that Never Was, in the Tearoom that Always Is, Xigbar, Xaldin, and Luxord sat around a table, each cradling a glass with a coloured poison liquid in it.
Xigbar moved his slightly to the side as he leant towards his fellow nobodies, cheeks flushed pink from the alcohol, and stuck a finger up, looking at Xaldin. “Hey, you wanna know something? You know that chick that I told ya was starin’ at me the other day?”
“Yeah, what about her?” Xaldin asked, leaning back in his seat and taking another sip of his drink.
“Let me guess, she went pop?” Luxord cackled, his face flushed bright red from the large amount of alcohol he’d imbibed.
“No,” Xigbar answered, swaying a little, before correcting himself. “Well, sort of.”
“What do you mean sort of?” Xaldin asked, brows creasing in confusion.
“Well,” Xigbar began, turning to look at Xaldin again. “I was watching her again today, just b
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Mature content
Second Chance - Chapter 13 :iconvexeniv:VexenIV 0 0
Second Chance - Chapter 12
Sora yawned and crawled under his covers. Definitely time for sleep. Pulling the covers up to his chin, Sora yawned again and listened to the people around him getting ready for bed, talking quietly. He rolled over and smiled. The scuffle reminded him of the times he travelled with Donald and Goofy while looking for Riku and Kairi. It was a good noise.
He drifted right off.

Chapter 12 – I swear to drunk!
Cloud picked up the small box that they'd been using to communicate with those back in Radiant Garden and pressed the small call button on the side, sinking down on the bed as he waited for someone to pick up.
His thoughts were racing.
Zack was alive. He'd come back. He had his best friend back. Cloud was so relieved he could have fallen over there and then, and if he was told he was never to let the man out of his sight again if he wanted to keep him, he would have happily done it. Cloud had prayed to Shiva and Hyne when he found out Aerith was back that
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Second Chance - Chapter 11
Albus studied the box curiously before handing them back to his friend, his face twisting in disgust. "All yours."
The Malfoy snorted in amusement and took the box to look over himself, a smirk dancing across his lips. "Thanks Al."
"You're welcome."

Chapter 11 – Finding Old Friends
Cloud, Leon and Harry walked into the Great Hall just in time for the feast to begin. "They decided they had to meet you when I mentioned you after I got back yesterday. They're completely insane, drive me completely bonkers, but they're damn good at what they do so I can't really complain," Harry was explaining as they walked down the space between the tables.
Cloud froze when they reached the end of the tables and spotted a familiar red head with long red hair laughing and chatting with one of the other teachers, the space beside him empty.
"Cloud?" Leon asked as he turned back with a frown, taking in the blonde's deer-caught-in-the-headlights look. He got no answer.
Harry l
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Second Chance - Ch 10
The mass of students eventually started moving and talking again as they were all gifted with a glare.
"Demyx, Axel, you come too," Zexion demanded with a frown as the two nobodies made to make off with the rest of the students.
Demyx frowned but nodded, grabbing Axel by the wrist and dragging him forward.

Chapter 10 - Possessions
The group followed McGonagall up to her office, Cloud, Leon and Yuffie staring around wide eyed, Cloud looking more and more unsure as they continued up. When the stairs first moved Yuffie yelped and almost jumped out of her skin while Cloud and Leon just gripped the railing to steady themselves. Sora reassured them that it was completely normal.
"How the heck are moving stairs completely normal?" Leon grumbled with a scowl as he continued on carefully.
"You get used to a lot in this place," Sora explained brightly.
Riku watched Sora closely all the way up to McGonagall's office, glad that the brunette seemed to be himself again. He f
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Second Chance - Ch 9 - Aliens!
Chapter 9 - Aliens!
"Did you just see her face when she opened the tin? The frog idea, genius!" Albus cackled as he and Sora walked down the corridor towards their next lesson – Arithmancy.
Sora gave a half smile and dodged a seventh year student coming the other way that was holding a massive pile of books and couldn't see properly. "Glad you thought so. I didn't think you'd actually do it."
"Well, duh. I do have my Uncle George's name to live up to after all. Besides, a moment like that is priceless."
"Albus!" A deep voice called and both Gryffindor boys turned to find a tall black haired man wading through the flood of students.
Albus paled. "Dad?! What are you doing here?"
"Auror work," the man replied with a grin as he gave his son a hug. "I just saw you on my way to McGonagall's office."
"Oh, okay." Sora laughed as his friend visibly relaxed and hugged his father back. "Oh, dad, this is Sora."
"Nice to meet you. I'm Harry," the man greeted with a smil
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Second Chance - Ch 8
As the door shut, she sighed heavily and turned to face the thoughtful looking portrait on the wall. "What do you think Albus?"
"I think they have a very good point, and that you should let them into the school. But what do I know? I'm just a painting." His blue eyes twinkled mischievously as he settled back into his chair and read his book again. "It's your choice Minerva."
She sighed and smiled, shaking her head. "Alright Albus. Have a good evening."
"You too my Dear."

Chapter 8 - First Impressions
The next morning, Sora jumped about a foot in the air when he was pounced on and fire red hair slipped into his field of vision. "Oh god! Axel!" he scolded when the fire user cackled and slipped into the bench beside him, Demyx, Zexion and Lexaeus joining him.
"Morning squirt!"
Half the Gryffindor table stared nervously at Lexaeus' hulking frame, as he scooped up some food and began to eat.
"What are you doing here?"
"Well, McGonagall cleared things with her staff
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Second Chance - Ch 7
Riku leapt into action. "Axel, put him down!" he yelled as he leapt at the corridor, hitting it too late as it dissipated and the silver haired keyblader hit the floor and skidded a bit. "DAMN IT!" Punching the floor, he pushed himself upright and glared around the room, which was now silent. "AXEL, GET YOUR SKINNY ASS BACK HERE RIGHT NOW BEFORE I FLAMBÈ IT FOR YOU!!"
There was silence, and Riku's attention was caught as a note flickered out of a small dark spot before floating to the ground. Picking up the piece of paper, Riku snarled as he read the note.
Chapter 7 - Am I insane?
Sora held back a yelp as he was tossed to the floor and pushed himself upright, rubbing his hands as he turned to glare at the Fire user, freezing as he came face to face with a lot more than just one Nobody. Quickly counting them, he paled as realised there were eleven of them. "Uh…"
"First things first, Sora, no one here intends you any harm," a slate haired nob
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The Chocobo
Cloud stared. He couldn't help it really. I mean, who in their right mind goes food shopping and comes back with a four-foot tall metal chocobo?
"Aerith?" he called quietly, still staring warily at the metal bird, which was looking directly at him innocently.
"Yes?" she asked, putting away the bags of food she'd bought.
"Why is there an chocobo in the kitchen?"
She straightened up and fixed it with an amused look. "Oh, um…"
"It's mine," Leon announced as he stepped into the doorway.
Cloud looked at the other male with a raised eyebrow. "What's it doing in the kitchen?"
"I haven't found a spot for it yet," he answered with a shrug.
"You have to admit, it is rather cute though," Aerith giggled with a smile.
Cloud nodded slowly, trying to see the bird from the brunette male's point of view. He really just couldn't see it. "Why did you buy a chocobo?"
Leon smirked a bit and crossed his arms, leaning in the doorway. "It reminded me of you." He suddenly looked contemplativ
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Fallen Angel - Ch 7
Chapter 7 – Time apart
About a week after he moved to heaven, Sora finally stopped crying enough to start getting to know his family again. He got into a routine:
He had breakfast with his family, went to his classes and learnt what he needed to about his powers and how to control them, worked on his flying, and had dinner with his family. He hung out with Roxas when he felt up to it, but every other moment of his time he lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling, or sat by the window and just stared out it for ages, thinking about Riku.
When Cloud gave him a sphere and showed him how to connect to someone on earth, he watched Riku's life pass by in his spare time. He cried, laughed when he saw Axel's ridiculous styles, saw Demyx become a famous musician, and felt a sense of contentment when Riku became an accomplished author. At least Riku used his life for something worthwhile.
As the years progressed, Sora felt more and more anxious to see Riku, to see if he cou
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Second Chance - Ch 6
Chapter 6 - Haunted.
Sora couldn't help it. He just stared, and stared, and stared, at the group of shrieking sixth year Ravenclaw girls that were flailing on the stairs as they tried to shake their books out and save some of the sodden piles in their arms, even as they themselves were soaked through to the bone. How had it happened? A pile of water bombs had appeared out of nowhere from above, and had dropped directly onto them, right in front of the keyblade wielder's gaze.
"Is this normal?" he asked Rose, who was standing beside him looking just as stunned.
"Increasingly recently… or water attacks are anyway," she replied, the shock morphing into a frown. "They've only just recently started in the last couple of months or so, and the teachers have had no luck in finding out who's doing the pranks."
"How awful," Sora murmured, shaking off his shock.
"Yes, those poor books," she murmured before shrugging and continuing on up the stairs. "Come on."
"The books?" So
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Second Chance - Ch 5
Sora stopped and turned as something silver flittered past his vision. Frowning, he scanned the crowds of people, and not seeing what it was that garnered his attention, he shrugged and quickly turned and followed his new friends down into the depths of the dungeons.
Chapter 5 - Friends
Walking into the great hall later that evening in his Gryffindor robes and surrounded by Potter's and Weasley's, Sora found a seat on the left hand side of the Gryffindor table and sat down, smiling absently and looking around in awe. The Great Hall was amazing.
After a few minutes a high-pitched dinging sound permeated around the Great Hall and silence fell within a few seconds. Headmistress McGonagall was standing in front of the teacher's table looking around with a stern eye, her hands folded in front of her. "Welcome, students, to another meal. Now, I have a few announcements. First of all, it has been brought to my attention that Hufflepuff have been leaving their belongi
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Eyes, step by step by sakimichan Eyes, step by step :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 23,043 329 .Anbu SasuNaru Duo . by sakimichan .Anbu SasuNaru Duo . :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,356 594 Magic Boys .Boy love. by sakimichan Magic Boys .Boy love. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,604 1,141 Playful Panda Spirits by sakimichan Playful Panda Spirits :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,327 769 .We meet again.-my anime root- by sakimichan .We meet again.-my anime root- :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,282 886 Sora by sakimichan Sora :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,773 924 .Shikamaru . by sakimichan .Shikamaru . :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,167 1,064 kakashi sasuke.student teacher by sakimichan kakashi sasuke.student teacher :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,444 678 Howl by sakimichan Howl :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 40,179 2,203 Pocahontas by sakimichan Pocahontas :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 50,124 2,532 Jelsa by sakimichan Jelsa :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 38,573 1,883 Axel and Riku Rule 63 by Nijuuni Axel and Riku Rule 63 :iconnijuuni:Nijuuni 610 21 _Off with their heads. by josefinejonssonphoto _Off with their heads. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 1,368 49 APH - Fire and Ice - by alatherna APH - Fire and Ice - :iconalatherna:alatherna 2,584 216 My secret place by AF-studios My secret place :iconaf-studios:AF-studios 2,698 234 wild spirit by AF-studios wild spirit :iconaf-studios:AF-studios 2,917 296


So, i'm sick of DeviantART - I hardly use it anymore anyway. I'm going to leave it up, but I will no longer post anything here. Its too much hassle.

If you wish to see my new stuff, you can find me at under the same username VexenIV, or just follow the link:…

i've just updated my latest chapter for Second Chance (ch 18) and it can be read on - link is:…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to those of you reading this. 



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